Company Infrastructure


We make various plastic items like Different  type of Banheira ,Cadeira, banco, mesas, pratos, Bau , Baldes, Balde de lixo, caixa de pao, caixa de fruta,and Different  type of copos, pratao de sopa. And since most our items include food usage,
we made sure to use the best qualities of VERSION POLYMERS in the production process.


We have a Medical Center for staff. Equipped with a clinical laboratory and 3 specialists (Doctor, Nurse and Clinical Analyst).Workers are entitled to free treatment and free medicine.


Production of Bidons/Galons and Caps is also huge, since we are dealing with very well know companies like BASEL ANGOLA, MADAR, SONANGOL, MITAM, REVIVA and many others. We have around 45 team members including technicians and supervisors, and they work 2 shifts to ensure that we always deliver the best finished products to our customers.


Our production includes different types of bags like general use plastic bags, garbage bags, ice/water bags and any specially customized bag requested by the customers.


After sale, we follow up our customers and make sure that any defected product they receive, or they have used and got defected, to be returned to us at a suitable value. Later, we process these items to be recycled properly to enter in production process later. Keeping in mind that all recycled material enters only in specific products (Garbage bags, Garbage stools, Covers, etc.)

This is the area where our customers go to lift their products. The pickup is also done by appointment or the customer marks the day he wants to pick up the product if he does not want to take it on the day of purchase. We also make free deliveries inside Luanda. We have 37 employees, 2 supervisors and 4 customer service assistants, and two warehouses