JIHAD AL LAKKIS is co-founder and CEO of SOGEPLAST LDA. Bringing more than 20 years of experience in managing and directing multiple commercial and manufacturing businesses. He is also CEO of SOGEPOWER LDA, which is one of the main car dealers in Luanda (Angola). He was born in Monrovia and then moved to Kinshasa as director of LAM Telecom and then to Luanda-Angola. Jihad Al Lakkis was instilled with a traditional blue-collar work ethic that he still has today. He graduated from Adventist College with a BA in Business Administration, as well as a certificate in Finance from AUG University.


MUSTAPHA EL LAKKIS is the founder and CEO of SOGEPLAST LDA. Born in Monrovia, he graduated in Business Administration at USG University, in Lebanon, and then moved to Congo as a Business Administrator at LAM Telecom, and later moved to Luanda-Angola. He is also CEO of PONTO DA MOBILIA LDA, which is one of the furniture retailers in Luanda (Angola) and also participates in many businesses in Congo and Dubai.