Plastic recycling

The plastic recycling process is defined as the melting and mixing of many types of plastics used with other raw materials through a set of basic processes to produce plastic granules or powder to be molded and shaped to suit the purpose for which it is used, and all of this in order to obtain New products of good quality, and these products may be completely different from the old product, for example bags and plastic shopping bags may be recycled to enter the manufacture of carpets and panels, and plastic drink bottles are recycled into the manufacture of wool jackets, and on the other hand the same may be produced The old type of product is called closed-loop recycling, such as recycling an old bottle into a new one.
Plastic production and consumption have increased in all parts of the world during the past years, due to its advantages such as durability, light weight, the ability to be easily molded and shaped, in addition to its low cost, and this makes it used in many fields of industries and in a variety of products used in different applications, except that The increased use of plastic has led to the emergence of a group of environmental problems, so it has become imperative to find a way to get rid of old and used plastic, in addition to that there are many factors that contribute to plastic as a resource, so 3% -4% of various forms of energy are consumed and non-renewable sources such as oil and gas. With up to 4% of global production for the manufacture of plastic materials, in addition to that accumulates plastic waste in landfills or in natural places, some plastic polymers or polymers require many factors and conditions to be degraded. [2]
The plastic recycling process can be considered one of the most important measures that are followed at the present time in order to reduce the problems resulting from the use of plastic, in addition to the heavy reliance on it in the manufacture of plastic materials, as recycling depends mainly on the selection of components and materials in an accurate and correct manner, and commitment The instructions and steps of the recycling process are correct, so despite the ease of this process, it requires the experience, knowledge and skill of people working in this field.